Endemic corporate responsibility dimensions in the developing economy: An exploratory study

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The current understanding of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its associated dimensions have majorly been developed by western researchers (Xu & Yang, 2010). An exhaustive study of CSR as a concept based in the specific socio-cultural settings of India is imminent (Mohan, 2001). Hence, this research is predominantly intended to identify the endemic CSR dimensions as well as the actions that constitute these dimensions for organisations based in India. The official company website is the common communication medium for publishing information about CSR. Therefore, inductive research was conducted for twenty-seven corporate websites of companies in India using qualitative content analysis. Nine dimensions of CSR along with the actions that constitute these dimensions were identified. The dimensions are economic dimension, environment protection, ethical consideration, employee, consumerism, community development, legal, stakeholder expectation and philanthropy. Thus, this study helps develop knowledge and understanding about CSR within a specific context, i.e., India. This research will lend a holistic perspective for creating a CSR strategy for an organisation.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Endemic CSR Dimensions, CSR Activities, Inductive Research, Social Responsibility, CSR Communication, Content Analysis

Authors’ individual contribution: Conceptualization – P.G. and B.K.; Methodology – P.G.; Software – P.G.; Validation – P.G.; Formal Analysis – P.G.; Investigation – P.G.; Resources – B.K.; Data Curation – P.G.; Writing – Original Draft – P.G.; Writing – Review & Editing – B.K.; Visualization – P.G.; Supervision – B.K.; Project Administration – P.G. and B.K.

Declaration of conflicting interests: The Authors declare that there is no conflict of interest.

JEL Classification: M10, M14, M19

Received: 25.05.2020
Accepted: 22.01.2021
Published online: 26.01.2021

How to cite this paper: Gokarna, P., & Krishnamoorthy, B. (2021). Endemic corporate responsibility dimensions in the developing economy: An exploratory study. Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review, 5(1), 31-38. https://doi.org/10.22495/cgsrv5i1p4

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