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The organizational survival depends on innovation. Organizations that are best in innovation are also apt to be the best collaborators, both internal and external, when dealing with a complex problems such as leadership, human resource and funding. The paper therefore seek to examines the mediating role of collaboration in development of organizational needs such as workers’ productivity, sharing ideas, pulling resource and leadership quality. The collaboration can emerge with new models, better designed processes, and novel technology— as well achievements of the aims and objectives in which the organizations was set up. The study conducted a survey research with 96 respondents, Smart PLS 2.0 was used in analyses of the data, seven hypotheses were formed and all the hypotheses were supported indicating the relationship between bureaucracy, collaboration, resource, leadership quality and innovation. The paper recommends increase in collaboration.

Keywords: Organization, Collaboration, Innovation and Productivity

How to cite this paper: Abdullahi, D. (2014). Improving organizational service delivery through institutional innovation. Journal of Governance and Regulation, 3(4-2), 202-209.