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The evolution of the global competitive system has prompted companies on the necessity of an integrated managerial system. In this view, the promotion and application of integrated managerial systems (IMS) represent the natural evolution of a company’s strategy, as well as a choice that can no longer be postponed. The development of integrated management systems allows a complete analysis of environmental aspect and above all allows the improvement of business performance by optimizing resources. As it is explained the correct application of IMS allows to highlight inefficiencies and weaknesses and plan improvements and corrective actions. The aim of the work is to offer a series of technical and conceptual tools to highlight the most critical aspects in order to guide decision-making process for the development of procedures, of human resources management and management controls, necessary to meet standards and to facilitate the development of a culture of quality, safety, and environment.

Keywords: Integrated Management, IMS, Management Process, Quality Management System, QMS, Strategic View

JEL Classification: M16, M5, L53, M21, Q01, K32

Received: 21.12.2018

Accepted: 11.02.2019

Published online: 18.02.2019

How to cite this paper: Marinello, V., & Dinicolò, G. L. M. (2019). Integrated management systems between evolutionary routes and management process. Corporate Ownership & Control, 16(2), 60-66.