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There have been scores of corporate failure all over the world due to poor corporate governance or lapse in well manage corporation at the board level; due to this transparency, accountability, fiduciary duty, interest of shareholders, etc. are impinged on. Erosion of values, wisdom, righteousness, fairness, equanimity in judgment, etc. are appear to be possible attributes responsible for accelerating to corporate turpitude. Hence, this paper attempt to draw attention of the board members to look into Indian scriptures and harmonize them to achieve sustainable and effective good governance and accentuate on their potential in helping to fulfill board’s responsibilities effectively. It also discusses about principles and guidelines of Indian scriptures for good governance that can be adopted in today’s time.

Keyword: Corporate Governance, Indian Scriptures, Corporate Board

How to cite this paper: Sahay, M., & Kumar, K. (2015). Invigorate corporate board through Indian scriptures. Corporate Ownership & Control, 12(3), 73-83.