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This paper aims to examine executive compensation structure and determinants on a panel of the socalled “new economy” and “old economy” firms in the USA over the period 1992-2004. The results reveal that executive compensation structure in new versus old economy firms is different and more importantly, it changes over time. Additionally, our results document that the factors explaining executive compensation of new and old economy are different, and also that stock options, despite the problems that have been related with these compensation components in the past, are still the most important ones, both in new and old economy firms. Our results imply that different reward structures exist for different industry sectors at different stages in their development and companies must readjust compensation structures frequently to provide incentive for their top executives.

Keywords: Executive Compensation, New Economy, Old Economy, NASDAQ crash, Sarbanes Oxley Act

How to cite this paper: Vieito, J. P. (2010). News insights on executive compensation. Corporate Ownership & Control, 7(3), 8-24.