New Feedback from the authors

Publishing House “Virtus Interpress” continues to implement its transparency policy in terms of communication with the key stakeholders – authors. This time we would like to publish new feedback of the authors who published their papers in such journals: Corporate Ownership and Control journal, Corporate Board journal, Risk Governance and Control journal and Journal of Governance and Regulation.

You will find the feedback below:

  • Dr. Elisa Truant, Ricercatore Universitario, Dipartimento di
    Management, Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy:
    "I cooperate with the journal Corporate Ownership and Control as author and I recommend it for the reliability that characterizes the various stages of publication. First of all, the communication with the Editor is very fast and characterized by a noteworthy, and rare, collaboration. The review process is blind, fast and serious and it is characterized by a detailed report highlighting areas of weakness and containing helpful comments and suggestions to improve the work. I really appreciated the whole publishing process."
  • Dr. Salma Zaiane, Tunis El Manar University, Tunisia: "That was a pleasure for me to submit my paper to the journal "Corporate Ownership and Control". In fact, it’ s easy to communicate with the editor of the journal who answers very quickly the different mails. Often, he answers my mails within one day! Concerning, the reviewing report, in my case, it takes less than one month to have it. In the end, I would like to thank the editor as well as the reviewer for their professionalism and their seriousness."
  • Dr. Nidhi Pandey, NET, MBA, CTE (IGNOU), Associate Professor, VVIS,
    Hyderabad, India:
    "It was an honour for me that my research paper was selected to be published in the journal Corporate Board: role, duties and
    composition. The reply was prompt and courteous regarding the changes
    which needed to be incorporated . It was an amazing experience to be
    touch with intellectuals who in-spite of being busy took time to answer my queries. The review report was apt with clear cut guidelines regarding flaws .Monetary transaction too was smoothly done with transparency. In nutshell I can proudly say that the experience was wonderful and in future I would certainly like my research paper to be published again ."
  • Dr. Boya Kgaugelo, UNISA, South Africa: "My experience with the journal Corporate Board: role, duties and composition has been a pleasant one. The degree of diligence is second to none. There is always a quick response to enquiries. Care and time is taken to provide me with a compressive reviews’ report(s). Furthermore the editor knows how to manage my expectations. The communication is always clear and unambiguous. The paper promotes
    academic integrity-which is a scare resource within our scholarly space. I thus wholeheartedly recommend it for any scholar seeking publish in a quality journal."
  • Abdul Hadi Zulkafli, PhD, School of Management, Universiti Sains
    Malaysia, Malaysia:
    "The composition of the editorial board members of Risk Governance and Control reflects the quality of this journal. The communications with the Editor is very smooth, team members of this journal are very responsive while the reviewing process is very efficient. In overall,
    the whole process of publishing an article in this journal is well-organized and professionally conducted. Thanks to the dedicated team of Risk Governance and Control. I am looking forward to publish more articles in this journal in the near future."
  • Dr. Sven Larson, Economist and Public Policy Researcher with Hill City Skunkworks, The USA: "The Journal of Governance and Regulation is a well-run, quality-driven journal. It covers important topics outside of the traditional academic disciplines. There is a high need for this type of journals, since modern academic research is mostly problem oriented and topic driven. The journal management is professional and very good at interacting with authors. I was especially impressed with the peer-review process, which was detail-oriented and informative. Definitely helped me improve my paper. If you have a paper that falls within their field, I do recommend you submit it to them."
  • Nesrin Benhayoun, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco; James Fogal, Notre Dame de Namur University, USA: “I was, indeed, very lucky to publish with the distinguished accredited Journal of Governance and Regulation. The kindness of the team members of Virtus Interpress has made the reviewing/publishing process fluid, very manageable and highly professional. The reactivity and the efficiency of the Journal editorial process were proved and too appreciated by both of us: co-authors Prof. James Fogal, Notre Dame de Namur University, USA and I) Actually, I am looking forward to submitting future papers to Virtus Interpress. Warm wishes for more success!"

More comments can be obtained on the relevant web pages of the journals:

- Corporate Ownership and Control;
- Risk Governance and Control;
- Corporate Board journal;
- Journal of Governance and Regulation.