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For the analyses, we used the notes to the financial statements of companies with Hungarian headquarters, which are regulated by the Accounting Act and which have information-technology services as their primary activity of the business. The primary objective of our research was to examine the extent to which the enterprises investigated fulfill their obligations determined by the Accounting Act to disclose all needed information in the general and informative parts of the notes to the financial statement. The analysis was performed using text mining, and the results were evaluated with non-parametric statistical methods. Based on the analysis, we can state that the investigated companies presented proportionally less information in the general part of the notes to the financial statements as compared to the informative part. However, even the highest frequency did not exceed 70%. Based on the χ2 test, we can state that the frequency of occurrence of the majority of information sought using text mining significantly differs by company type, and this difference mostly occurred amongst Ltds and Lps, in favor of Ltds. As a conclusion, it can be deduced that the investigated companies do fully not meet the legal requirements for the information provided in the notes to the financial statements. This incompleteness may cut down on the decision-making ability of the companies concerned.

Keywords: Value Creation, Information Service, Notes to the Financial Statement, General Part of Notes, Informative Part of Notes, Text Mining

JEL Classification: M40, M14, C81, C00

Received: 27.06.2018

Accepted: 17.08.2018

Published online: 05.09.2018

How to cite this paper: Fenyves, V., Bács, Z., Zéman, Z., Böcskei, E., & Tarnóczi, T. (2018). The role of the notes to the financial statements in corporate decision-making. Corporate Ownership & Control, 15(4-1), 138-148.