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A. Conrad, Frederik J. Mostert ORCID logo, J. M. Mostert



The underwriting process is of prime importance to any insurer as it represents the starting point of the legal and financial relationship between an insurer and a particular proposer. This research focuses on the perceptions of the leading short-term insurers in South Africa concerning the underwriting process of motor vehicle insurance. The importance of the various underwriting factors is assessed in order to enable insurers to concentrate on a few most important ones. The specific problem areas of the underwriting process are thereafter highlighted, and possible solutions are discussed. In the last instance, the most frequently used stipulations to adjust insurance policies to take the underwriting factors into account and to alleviate underwriting problems receive due attention.

Keywords: Address Of The Proposer, Age Of The Proposer, Description Of Use , Distance To Be Covered, Driving History Of The Proposer, Insurable Interest, Marital Status Of The Proposer, Particulars Of The Motor Vehicle, Proposer‟S History Involving Insurance In General, Sex Of The Proposer, Utmost Good Faith

How to cite this paper: Conrad, A., Mostert, F. J., & Mostert, J. M. (2009). The underwriting process of motor vehicle insurance. Corporate Ownership & Control, 6(3-1), 239-246.