Volume 5 - 2021 Issue 2

Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review


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Profitability analysis with the fuzzy logic: A hospital example

Tunay Aslan ORCID logo, Cevdet Kizil ORCID logo, Erdal Yilmaz ORCID logo


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Country or bank-specific factors: A study to explain bank performance

Zyad Marashdeh ORCID logo, Ghassan Omet ORCID logo, Fayez Haddad ORCID logo


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How independent directors affect firms’ performance and sustainability: An analysis of Italian firms

Francesco Mirone ORCID logo, Giuseppe Sancetta ORCID logo, Domenico Sardanelli ORCID logo, Salvatore Mele


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An adoption of social banking among the ageing population

Tanpat Kraiwanit ORCID logo, Wanthana Tulathananun


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