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Wiem El Manaa, Wafa Khlif ORCID logo, Coral Ingley ORCID logo, Lotfi Karoui ORCID logo


This paper uses a sample of 76 family businesses in Tunisia to investigate the impact of the family firm dynamic on the composition of their boards of directors. We argue that whether or not a transition in ownership is planned, firms have different governance needs and characteristics depending on the generational phase. The empirical results show that board composition is positively influenced by both generational evolution and succession planning.
This study provides evidence of an increase in the appointment of outside directors to boards of family firms from the third generation of ownership. This result implies that it is important to consider the generational phase and succession process of the family firm in order to better understand its governance system.

Keywords: family firms, Board composition, generational evolution, succession process

How to cite this paper: El Manaa, W., Khlif, W., Ingley, C., & Karoui, L. (2010). Board composition in family-influenced firms: A dynamic perspective. Corporate Board: role, duties and composition, 6(3), 21-30.