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Hashanah Ismail


This paper examines the relationship between the contents of a report, the Statement of Corporate Governance, required to be included in the Annual Report of listed corporations, and the receipt of public reprimands. Since the formalization of good corporate governance in the Code, all listed companies are required by rule PN9 to include how they have applied the principles and the extent of compliance with best practice found in the Code. The paper is based on companies that received public reprimands in the first three quarters of 2005 and we compared the contents of the statement of corporate governance of a matched pair of companies which did not receive public reprimands to see if such statements differ between the two groups. We do not see any difference between the two groups.

Keywords: Corporate Governance, Annual Reports, the Code

How to cite this paper: Ismail, H. (2008). Case of public reprimands. Corporate Ownership & Control, 5(2-1), 188-191.