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Derek Oler ORCID logo, Bradley Olson, Christopher J. Skousen ORCID logo


We examine whether governance matters for acquisitions. Acquisitions are frequently beneficial to the CEO of the acquiring firm, but can often be value-destructive to acquirer shareholders and other stakeholders such as employees. We find that corporate governance does not appear to influence whether a firm will become an acquirer after controlling for CEO power, but superior governance is associated with greater relatedness between the target and acquirer. We also find that the effect of CEO power on a firm’s acquisition activity varies according to the source of that power. Our results suggest that the relationships between governance, CEO power, and acquisition activity are complex.

Keywords: Corporate Governance, Acquisitions, Diversification, CEO Power

How to cite this paper: Oler, D. Olson, D., Skousen, C. J. (2010). Governance, CEO power, and acquisitions. Corporate Ownership & Control, 7(3-4), 430-447.