Joint audit, audit market concentration, and audit quality: Perceptions of stakeholders in the UAE

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Yasser Barghathi ORCID logo, Esinath Ndiweni ORCID logo, Alhashmi Aboubaker Lasyoud ORCID logo


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The present study is intended to scholarly explore auditors’ perceptions regarding joint audits; whether it can improve audit quality. To reach this goal, participants were enrolled from Big 4, non-Big 4, and other stockholders. In addition, the present study examines the perception of the same stakeholders in terms of how audit concentration affects the audit market in the UAE. Being a qualitative study, 12 semi-structured interviews were conducted to collect required data; 4 face to face and 8 through using Google forms. The finding of the study revealed mixed perception regarding joint audits; it may improve audit quality at the cost of high fees and free-rider problems. Findings of the study has practical implication for policymakers of emerging economies around the globe, such as policymakers who can make joint audits as compulsory. Another significance of the present work is that it has allowed for the perception of stakeholders, who are at the center of the controversial subject of joint audits and audit market concentration. The study suggests that there is a need for removing language barriers; it will benefit some firms in the form of directly communicating with auditors either in English or in Urdu.

Keywords: Joint Audits, Audit Quality, Audit Market Concentration, Implications, Perceptions

Authors’ individual contribution: Conceptualization – Y.B.; Methodology – Y.B.; Investigation - Y.B.; Data Curation – Y.B.; Writing – Original Draft – Y.B., E.N.; Writing – Review and Editing – A.L., E.N.; Visualization – Y.B.; Project Administration – Y.B.

JEL Classification: M42

Received: 11.11.2019
Accepted: 09.01.2020
Published online: 15.01.2020

How to cite this paper: Barghathi, Y., Ndiweni, E., & Lasyoud, A. A. (2020). Joint audit, audit market concentration, and audit quality: Perceptions of stakeholders in the UAE. Corporate Ownership & Control, 17(2), 32-45.