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William Barnett II, Walter E. Block ORCID logo, Michael T. Saliba



In this paper we research one of the corporate governance mechanisms, i.e. market for goods and services. We focus on perfect competition. We concluded with the explicit argument for letting loose the dogs of the Federal Trade Commission and the Antitrust Division of the Justice Department upon perfect competitors. Our main concern is the failure of mainstream economics to incorporate, properly and completely, the concept of foregone alternatives, into its analysis. The present paper is an attempt to trace out the some of the implications of this critical error for industrial organization.

Keywords: Perfect Competition, Corporate Governance, Market Failure

How to cite this paper: Barnett, II, W., Block, W., & Saliba, M. (2005). Perfect competition: A case of “market-failure”. Corporate Ownership & Control, 2(4), 70-75.