Regulation and challenges of youth employment in the developing country

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Naim Ismajli, Meriton Ismajli, Adelina Gashi ORCID logo

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The problem of youth unemployment has started to receive attention in a relevant way recently, especially in Europe, where the percentage of unemployment registered for this category of the population is relatively greater than that for the adult population (Perugini & Signorelli, 2010), also being influenced by the last financial crisis (Choudhry et al., 2012). Youth unemployment is a critical social issue because it is linked to a number of aspects of society (Yamamoto, 2011). The purpose of the treatment of this paper is to identify the barriers faced by the young people of Kosovo to enter the labor market. The study uses the quantitative research method, through the use of an online questionnaire, a survey was participated by 496 respondents. The econometric model used in this study is the structural equation model (SEM). The empirical results from the SEM model show that the most important factor is the lack of work experience, which is a barrier to the employment of young people in Kosovo. The results of this paper are important to understand the importance of effectiveness in the design of policies for the elimination of barriers to the employment of young people in Kosovo.

Keywords: Regulation, Challenges, Youth Employment, Developing Country

Authors’ individual contribution: Conceptualization — N.I., M.I., and A.G.; Methodology — A.G.; Software — A.G.; Validation — N.I.; Formal Analysis — M.I.; Investigation — N.I. and A.G.; Resources — N.I., M.I., and A.G.; Data Curation — M.I. and A.G.; Writing — Original Draft — N.I., M.I., and A.G.; Writing — Review & Editing — N.I., M.I., and A.G.; Visualization — N.I. and M.I.; Supervision — N.I., M.I., and A.G.; Project Administration — N.I., M.I., and A.G.

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JEL Classification: J8, C29, E24

Received: 14.08.2022
Accepted: 31.07.2023
Published online: 01.08.2023

How to cite this paper: Ismajli, N., Ismajli, M., & Gashi, A. (2023). Regulation and challenges of youth employment in the developing country [Special issue]. Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review, 7(3), 267–276.