Hlupeko Dube, Kudakwashe Zvitambo


The aim of this paper was to examine the relevance of governance codes to Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in developing counties. The study was motivated by a lack of transparency, sound risk management and sustainability challenges faced by MFIs in developing countries. The study was important for the improvement of governance in MFIs, which are an important tool for the growth, and development of nations. In the paper, a theoretical literature review approach to governance in MFIs was adopted because it allowed the researcher to review critique and synthesize the literature on governance in MFIs. This, in turn, enabled the researchers to generate new frameworks and perspectives on the topic in microfinance. The study found that there was poor governance in Zimbabwean MFIs, governance codes in place were skewed towards large corporations and did not fit the context MFIs. Furthermore, the study established that financial statements for MFIs were not easy to access and the application of corporate governance in MFIs of developing countries was found to be difficult because of inadequate financial resources and lack of knowledge on governance issues. Therefore, the study concluded that corporate governance codes in developing countries needed to be adjusted to the context of MFIs. The study recommends that governance codes that suit the institutional set up of small firms including MFIs in terms of capital structure, ownership concentration and markets should be crafted and adopted. Furthermore, MFIs should implement governance training and increase transparency. The governance codes should be provided free to businesses and be accompanied by extensive training by government and institutions of higher learning.

Keywords: Governance, Governance Code, Microfinance, Transparency, Sustainability

JEL Classification: M14, M42

Received: 20.06.2018

Accepted: 28.01.2019

Published online: 11.02.2019

How to cite this paper: Dube, H., & Zvitambo, K. (2019). The relevance of corporate governance codes to small and medium enterprises: The case of developing country. Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review, 3(1), 18-24.

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