Volume 18 - 2021 Issue 2

Corporate Ownership and Control


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In-house deals: Agency and information asymmetry perspectives

Fang Chen, Jian Huang ORCID logo, Minghui Ma, Han Yu


Viewed: 340Downloads: 158

CSR and tax avoidance: A review of empirical research

Jost Kovermann ORCID logo, Patrick Velte ORCID logo


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A comparative study of liquidity determinants of private and public sector banks

Shyam Bhati ORCID logo, Anura De Zoysa ORCID logo, Wisuttorn Jitaree ORCID logo


Viewed: 282Downloads: 144

Ownership structure and real earnings management: An empirical study on emerging economy

Nitai Chandra Debnath ORCID logo, Suman Paul Chowdhury, Safaeduzzaman Khan


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The influence of family board involvement on earnings management

Fabio Franzoi ORCID logo, Mark Mietzner ORCID logo, Franziska Thelemann ORCID logo


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The impact of corporate governance on earnings management: Evidence from Greek listed firms

Petros Kalantonis, Sotiria Schoina, Christos Kallandranis ORCID logo


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Review of short-run performance of initial public offerings in Australia

Lutfa Tilat Ferdous ORCID logo, Niroshani Parahara Withanalage ORCID logo, Abyan Amirah Qamaruz Zaman


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