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The study explores the issue of innovative leadership in the financial sector and opts to use a case of a bank in South Africa. The existing empirical literature delivers a detailed review of leadership pioneering with the issue of risk management. Due to the constant change in the global space and evolution in the needs of consumers, in the taste of financial service providers, innovation from human resources is now the key to sustainability. However, risk management plays a fundamental role in the operations of financial sectors, and particularly for banks as their operational risks are also frequently financial risks. Hence, to ensure that all is well balanced this study explores innovative leadership in the financial sector in South Africa. The research project was qualitative in nature, with primary data collected using email interviews and document analysis. The research found that the main problem is the operational structures that guide the financial sectors. To this end, the artifact that was produced to address the problem is a conceptual framework as a recommendation to be utilised by the bank to allow freedom to leaders and their team to be innovative within the confinements of the organisational structures.

Keywords: Innovative, Risk Management, Banking, Financial Sector

JEL Classification: M41, K12

Received: 04.12.2018
Accepted: 15.04.2019
Published online: 12.06.2019

How to cite this paper: Mrwebi, V., & Cici, Y. (2019). Exploring innovative leadership in the financial sector: A case of risk management in banking. Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review, 3(2), 19- 29. http://doi.org/10.22495/cgobr_v3_i2_p2

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