Intergenerational leadership: an extension of contemporary corporate social responsibility models

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The following paper promotes the idea of intergenerational equity in the corporate world as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means to coordinating the common goods and imbuing economic stability beyond a purely governmental approach. The outlined intergenerational equity constraints herald a call for intergenerational equity – the fairness to provide an at least as favorable standard of living as enjoyed today. As an implicit contract and transfer between living and future generations, intergenerational equity avoids discriminating against future generations and ensures future infrastructure, equal opportunities over time and constant access to social welfare for the youth. Intergenerational equity grants a favorable climate between generations and alleviates frictions arising from the negative impacts of intergenerational inequity. Outlining some of the causes of the current intergenerational imbalances regarding climate stability and overindebtedness prepares for recommendations on how to implement intergenerational transfers. The impact of intergenerational transfers on societal well-being is discussed. Future research avenues comprise of investigating situational factors influencing intergenerational leadership in the international arena in order to advance the idea of the private sector aiding on intergenerational imbalances and tackling the most pressing contemporary challenges of humankind.

Keywords: Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Global Systemic Risk, Globalization, Intergenerational Equity, Intergenerational Leadership, Public-Private Partnerships

JEL Classification: M14, G3, F6, G32

Received: 17.10.2017

Accepted: 11.05.2017

Published online: 01.06.2018

How to cite this paper: Puaschunder, J. M. (2018). Intergenerational leadership: an extension of contemporary corporate social responsibility models. Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review, 2(1), 7-17.