Volume 10 - 2021 Issue 4 (special issue)

Journal of Governance and Regulation


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A fresh look at whistleblower rewards

Theo Nyreröd ORCID logo, Giancarlo Spagnolo ORCID logo


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The effect of decision time horizon on short termism: An experimental approach

Abdallah Bader Mahmoud Alzoubi ORCID logo, Gavin Nicholson ORCID logo, Mohammad Bader Mahmoud Alzoubi ORCID logo


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Characteristics of audit committees and banking sector performance in GCC

Ehab R. Elbahar ORCID logo, Magdi El-Bannany ORCID logo, Mohamed El Baradie ORCID logo


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The impact of fiscal policies on Albanian economic growth: The case of value-added tax

Albana Demi ORCID logo, Shqipe Xhaferri, Skënder Uku, Shpend Shahini, Alfons Lushi


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The contribution of organized food retail to the Greek socio-economic development during the years of economic crisis

Nikolaos Zisoudis, Eleni Zafeiriou ORCID logo, Alexandros Garefalakis ORCID logo, Konstantinos Spinthiropoulos ORCID logo, Stavros Garefalakis


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A systematic literature review on the implementation of internal audit in European and non-European public hospitals

Andreas Irodis Rodakos, Andreas G. Koutoupis ORCID logo, Anna Thysiadou, Christos G. Kampouris ORCID logo


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Sustainable medical insurance: A bibliometric review

Haitham Nobanee ORCID logo, Hiba Zaki Shanti ORCID logo, Lina Subhi Abukarsh ORCID logo, Fatima Youssef Al Hamadi ORCID logo, Fatma Abdulaziz ORCID logo, Aysha Falah Alqahtani ORCID logo, Shayma Khalifa AlSubaey ORCID logo, Hamama Abdulla Almansoori ORCID logo


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